If you aren't naturally blonde, store bought is also fine. Dolly Parton

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Jordan Winzer

After working in some of Sydneys top salons i decided that a quieter approach with less people and more time with my dog was more my thing.

​WINNIE.MAC is about walking away from the structure and stress of a normal salon & working in a smaller environment to ensure that stress levels are low and great results are high. 


Enhancing natural tones and textures is our thing. I believe in bringing out the best in what we already have and working with it rather than against it. But if you aren't naturally blonde, store bought is also fine - Dolly Parton.

WINNIE.MAC is an all inclusive safe space overlooking the waves of Bondi where everyone is welcome, good energy is rewarded and negative behavior is not tolerated.

Our pricing is based on length, not gender.


Paulo Valerio

Joining winnie mac for me was mostly about creating a better work life balance. The clients are great because my passion is for pats and the waiting area has lots of natural sunlight where i can sleep all day. Im a 4 year old Capricorn with a passion for treats, Looking forward to meeting you all soon.

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*All blonde pricing is inclusive of toning gloss and olaplex.

Cut &  Blowdry above ear          $75 

Cut & Blowdry below ear           $95

Blowdry                                          $60

Tint / Semi (roots only)                 $105

Tint / Semi (including ends)         $135

Half head of highlights                 $205

Full head of Highlights                 $260

Balayage                                        $205

Highlights and Balayage              $260


Tint / Semi & balayage              $235

Tint / Semi & highlights               $235

Bleach regrowth                           $260

After colour blowdry                     $45





Monday | Closed

Tuesday | 12pm - 8pm

Wednesday | 12pm - 8pm

Thursday | 10am - 6pm

Friday | 9am - 5pm

Saturday | 9am - 5pm

Sunday | Closed

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